Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My first visa (Well, the first I've ever held)

Tom gave me back my passport today, and to my joy, I opened it and found this:

It's my Viet Nam visa, with my typical wonderful paint skills added to blur out the numbers that I probably shouldn't post online. I could scream right now, I am so excited!

I also got to talk to Josh on Skype last night. Josh is a Mongolian who came to UConn for a semester; he's now going to school in Beijing for his PhD in insurance law. He seems very nice, and since he knows nothing about Beijing, he's arranged for his professor's daughter to act as a tour guide. Very cool things. I'll admit I don't know fully the itinerary of the trip yet- some things have been added, other things have been changed- but I'm going to try to find out and post it here when I know in the next few days.


  1. I'm so excited for you Erin! You're going to have a great time!

  2. Erin, I'm glad you are going. I'm sure you will have a wonderful time. You are going to parts of Asia I have not gone and I look forward to you blog while you are there and comments when you return. Have fun. Fred

  3. Doesn't it feel good to have that passport in your hand right now? And just think of how many times that thing's going to get stamped throughout your journey!

  4. Jen: Thanks :) I think it will be great!

    Fred: I can't wait to see you when I get back. It'll be great to see you again in the fall.

    Chuck: you have no idea. In 10 years, mine got stamped TWICE for the same thing... and never did I have a visa glued in!